Intersections of Passion, Politics and Power

Just Do It is a story of passion, politics and power, and the interactions between the three.

I’ve had the pleasure of minimally advising the lovely people at the Just Do It Film for the last year or so. The product of over 2 years hard work is now visible on a Big Screen Near You 🙂

Just Do It tells the story of the climate camp and plane stupid groups over the course of a year 2009 − 2010. Since then, the world has moved on, UKuncut has burst onto the scene, and people have forgotten about climate for a bit; but the film is still informative, entertaining, and most of all, inspirational. Starting and ending with grandmothers, it was a story very different to that which you expect.

A friend who saw a press preview was initially concerned that it didn’t move the narrative on climate change forwards, and that, thanks to the work of UKuncut and similar, most now have some understanding of what Direct Action is. Just Do It is not “what direct action is”, it’s the next sentence, paragraph (and a full 90min documentary), adding the background narrative of how we got there, and how the viewer can help from now.

The measures taken against UKuncut in recent months are a repeat of many of those previously used against the groups in Just Do It; and with the benefit of time, the story is much more solid than that which is still evolving.

But as campaigning documentary, it’s aimed at everyone who has an interest, or has friends with an interest, told often through the customs of tea.

And if you’re after a positive ending, even if you don’t get any of the hope from the documentary, it has a running theme of tea and ends with biscuits. Nothing could be wrong with that.

Just Do It is in Picturehouse cinemas and others from today; find out where near you and Just See It

Jul 2011
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