Agile and Future Governments


There are two bits of the UK Government that have shown clear beneficial results from a wholescale embrace of agile methods: the Goverment Digital Service and GCHQ. Both are technically focussed organisations (there are a large number of other differences).

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posted: 18 Nov 2014

SamaritansRadar: it can’t go on like this

7th Nov Update: They’ve “made the decision to suspend the application at this time for further consideration“.


Nz7tw3OkI’ve been asked many times what I think of #SamaritansRadar. There are many unanswered questions.

While my day job hasn’t take a position on this (I’m not sure the Samaritans have said enough publicly to substantiate an informed position), it does look at projects a set of criteria, which include: consensual, safe, and transparent. So some parts of that process can be applied here by me, without the rigour and diverse inputs that normally go into discussion documents that go through the process.

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posted: 06 Nov 2014