Looking for Bailii Streisand

Updated 3 (august 2015): Bailii did an audit
Updated 2: Followup blogpost
Updated: Bailli have responded in the comments

The origin of the Streisand Effect. Copyright (C) 2002 Kenneth & Gabrielle Adelman, California Coastal Records Project, www.californiacoastline.org.When UK courts pass judgement, many of the higher courts send a copy of their written judgement to a service called Bailii (@bailii) as soon as they are published, to go on the web.

Unless the cases get deleted.

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posted: 20 Apr 2014

Puntcon 12 – Home before darkness

logoPuntcon 2014 will be on Sunday June 22nd 2014. Leaving the Mill Lane punting station around noon. We’d love to see you there.

More details and find out who’s going: Lanyrd

Book places in punts: Eventbrite

posted: 17 Apr 2014