Investigatory Powers Bill, IPv6, Crypto, and (no) cookies for you.


eca37cecf514a2672792644da237abe2-300x266Last Tuesday, I went along to the Science and Technology committee’s hearing on the IP Bill (see endnote for why). There were some good questions.


Given my past work on the draft Communications Data Bill, there are two areas which came up where this bill is substantively different, in a way that is probably interesting. Those areas are encryption and IPv6. There are other areas of interest, such as the filter, which is as bad an idea now as it was then. I’m sure Lord Haw Haw of Berriew will be on TV shortly to explain why, despite the agencies getting “no new powers” in the bill, it should be passed immediately for their benefit.

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posted: 17 Nov 2015

Airbrushed from History? public registers, private registers, and the Birmingham Six (or Hillsborough, or Jimmy Saville)

or, why it’s important that registers involving personal data are both immutable and privacy respecting, which requires great care from the architects of the first system.

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posted: 03 Nov 2015