The last ODI lunchtime lecture was on blockchains, and included an interesting slide.

ODI has been working with DEFRA on some form of blockchain for full accountability of the foodchain. A very welcome innovation, that will likely have a wide range of benefits, including (but not especially) to food safety.

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posted: 20 Mar 2016

Three types of blockchain projects: Ukraine, on a Blockchain

Ukraine is investigating running its election on a blockchain, which is an entirely rational thing for them to do.

They have a credible fears of a stolen election, facing a hostile nation state actor with the significant resources and desire to undermine the legitimacy of their institutions. Mathematics is somewhat harder to undermine, when used correctly.

Blockchains don’t remove the “Know Your Customer” (Know Your Voter?) type concerns (anywhere), they simply transform them, and the transparency that comes as part of that, when properly implemented. Read more…

posted: 13 Mar 2016