#datasharing2016: A new weak lock on a data-sharing back-door?

Just before Christmas, the Cabinet Office hosted a short-notice meeting about their data sharing plans. The meeting topics reflected a continuation of the different streams from the data sharing work conceived in 2013.

There are few details yet – all we’ve seen are titles – but the title of the “statistics strand” suggests that the major concern of civil society has been entirely ignored. That is going to be a serious problem if it is reflective of the rest of the work that’s been done.

Whether the Cabinet Office have learnt any lessons about data sharing since 2013 is currently an unanswered question. Last year, the Data Sharing bit of the Cabinet Office moved to become part of GDS, looking to benefit from their culture of openness and transparency. If that cultural change has happened, the Data in Government will have a post on all they’ve learnt, and how their current plans have changed as a result. Read more…

posted: 01 Jan 2016