Directionless in the Guardian got a mention in today’s Guardian.

With 30 million quid to spend each year, hopefully they’ll have nice, useful things to show for it. For those keeping score, our state of financial accounting means we don’t quite know how much costs each year, but it’s somewhere in the region of £8.89 – the cost of the domain name registration.

Looking at’s plans for the future, one thing that various people have talked about in a variety of places is a project called Bureaucracy Bingo or, less pejoratively, UK Feedback. Given the main comment usages of and there’s really demand for a CSA conversation site. Although I don’t particularly want to run that one, it’s too depressing as it is.

Taking it a step further, there’s apparantly a great site in the Netherlands which lets their civil servants talk about being civil while also serving. Doing that here would need a good name…

posted: 22 Aug 2007