How Cambridge Uses Cycling Statistics is Wrong

This morning, ONS published some more results from the Census, with the split between “ususal residents” and “term time residents” (ie excluding and including students).

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posted: 24 Sep 2014

Keeping asking questions, until they can say yes — Carl Malamud

How to get to a high quality National Information Infrastructure (NII), starting from here, is an interesting question. As the idea of an NII moves forward, similar questions of how to engage large bureuacracies come into play, in different ways for different organisations.

The Open Data User Group has seemingly run quite hard into the bureuacracy of the various NHS organisations, trying to find out where the direct care facilities are (principally, GP practices, dentists, pharmacies, and hospitals). There’s not really a hard problem, but the NII is a new idea for an existing institution to try and get its head around.

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posted: 12 Sep 2014