The Second Chief Data Officer

images“The public generally do not understand the difference between operational and statistical uses of personal data” say ONS. They are right. Unfortunately, neither do other people who probably should.

The ODI has recently published a draft data spectrum which recognises that there are a variety of areas of tradeoff and differences.

The Chief Data Officer is not about statistical uses of data – it is serving very different user needs (user needs, not departmental needs) – it is/was about using data to improve operations. Why do you think Whitehall was so terrified?

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posted: 22 Aug 2015

Missing Off (non-NHS) Maps

Given it’s the OSM London Hack weekend in a few days, here’s something there’s already data for, but is still sitting on my todo list (ie, it exists in enough of a form to do, I’ve just not actually had time to do it).

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posted: 04 Aug 2015