Breaking the law seems like a rational act for AI startups, and what to do about it at the AI summit

“National security” scale risks are the topic of the “AI Safety Summit”, which is the sort of thing you want governments to spend their time reducing. I’m glad there’s a summit on a potential catastrophe, as we should do more about all catastrophic risks… so how’s climate going?

Some in civil society argue that catastrophic harms are not the best topic for a summit, and they may even be right, but it is the summit it is. That the summit organisers cited the power of health chatbots as the epitome of civil society (p17) suggests someone listened too much to the bankrupt company Babylon rather than those who were proven right. The cash for scrutiny of health chat bots in civil society is probably less than the summit will spend on snacks and nibbles, and certainly less than the well funded tech fringe will spend on refreshments (although maybe it’s more than Babylon Health PLC’s current market cap). Show me your budgets, and I’ll see your priorities.

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posted: 24 Oct 2023