Email Alerts for changes to the law made via Statutory Instruments

As “EU Exit” looms, the disconnect of Statutory Instruments from the normal tools of Parliamentary scrutiny is now glaring. now does email alerts for keywords in SIs – when the Government lays something you care about, you can get email about it.

Search terms that work best are the words that Parliaments use in titles (so “EU Exit” rather than “Brexit”; “Health Charge” rather than “Health Surcharge”), or the names of Acts that you’re interested in changes for (those details may be buried in the text, but we search everything).

The links go to the very nice new Parliamentary SI tracker, which tells you everything you want to know about any particular SI, but it gives you no way to find which SIs you are interested in beyond reading every one of them. Some of them are 600 pages long.

By request, there is now an RSS feed of SIs with descriptions.

While it has been running reliably since 2004, the design hasn’t been changed for a decade… it shows. But it is free, for everyone, hopefully forever.

posted: 08 Feb 2019