OpenTech – why?

Since there’s not an opentech blog, I’ll put this here:

What story would you tell about your experience of opentech?
Why did you go (or are going), or what did you get from it?

Post in a comment here, or elsewhere and the trackback should pick it up. Hopefully we’ll get enough for this to be useful…

If you could leave your 2 sentence note here before 15August, we’ll include some in an interview with about OpenTech.

Aug 2010
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3 Responses to : OpenTech – why?

  1. oli Wood says:

    It’s the best geek day out of the year. No company pitches, no social media tossers, and super amazing price.

  2. Shona says:

    I went to Open Tech for the first time last year. I was despairing that I’d never find a fulfilling job where I could save the universe through digital means. But I met another girl there who spent hours and hours of her spare time translating complex UK government documents into plain English…which made me see that some of the most important changes might be achieved simply by finding other people who were equally passionate, and tinkering about in your spare time!

  3. Opentech is about openness and sharing and that’s a message I’m trying to put across in my book “The Paperless Expert – The open-source cross-platform cost-free solution for everybody”.

    I’m coming along this year for the first time – to meet people, to chat and to see how I can imporve on the existing paperless concept.

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