Simple Visualisation of Reasons for Human Rights Violations

After my last offhand comments about visualisation, a friend got in touch about some work I was involved in a few years ago. They’ve done the huge amount of work to get where they wanted to be, and can now do some things with it.

Wordle is a service where you give it a load of text, and it pulls out the words used a lot and displays them graphically. The area covered by the words denotes the relative import of the word in question – bigger area, more important.

I’ve replaced the two biggest words (which give away which group did the work) with LGB and Mormon – mirroring the recent california election Event, since both issues talk about elections. While the letters have been replaced, the areas are the same. I’ve also fuzzed one other word that’s very small:

 reasons given for acts

While that’s resaved to smaller size, but the 900 pixel wide version really hits you – it’s a little over a quarter of the area. We knew that the 3 letter issue was significant, but that visualisation shows just how significant – more than expected.

Aug 2009
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