IDCards supporters – they actually exist!

Today was the Labour Leadership Conference in Manchester (this time they closed 3 streets round our flat to most traffic, rather than sealing 2 for the last conference). Apart from the very impressive speed that the security cordon dropped round the venue, it was pretty much a non-event (apart from the outcome).

At an Electoral Reform Society meeting this evening, for the first time ever, I met and had a conversation (more of a monologue from his side, since I couldn’t quite believe what I was hearing) with someone who believes strongly that, not only are ID Cards are a very good idea, but he was very strongly in favour of them to cure all society’s ills. While it may just be that I spend time in what he described as “wishy washy liberal” circles where we don’t understand that “if you’ve not done anything wrong then you have nothing to fear”, he was an example of those whom Labour ministers point to as supporters of ID Cards.

So there’s at least one of them in the country; although as one of the few (3?) Labour activists in (I think) John Redwood’s constituency, he seemed used to supporting lost causes.

Jun 2007
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