Who is responsible for legal entities?

Unsurprisingly, a meeting in Shoreditch was not going well.

Someone was trying to convince me (and others) that there needed to be a privacy and data protection exemption for data about organisations they wanted to open.

No one was buying it; but the person involved was pressing ahead, and was going to try and convince a Minister anyway.

In exasperation, the phrase I ended the debate with was “this isn’t a privacy issue, it’s what public records mean in the 21st century”. (In practice, I was probably rather more colourful)

That has been the settlement since the meeting. For willful acts, that should be open data, and that didn’t need a democratic debate (it was only opposed by the tax havens).

If create a business, in return for the tax and legal benefits of a seperate legal entity, some information on who you are goes into the public domain. Transparency in a democracy lets citizens see who is responsible for legal entities.

On Monday, the Government data copying consultation will open, and take that in an utterly unexpected direction.

Is there a political difference between creating a company and creating a child?

Feb 2016
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