Amendments to the Dangerous Logs Act

New post here: How to avoid vomiting emergency legislation over the Secretary of State’s shoes (for a third time)


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Stopping the “Dangerous Logs Act” (or, the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Bill (DRIP), as it’s slightly more officially known) is likely to be hard, but it can be amended. I’ve started a short list, and suspect others will start publishing their own over the next few hours and days.

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posted: 10 Jul 2014

Victoria Road in Cambridge, 20mph, and Stagecoach — the data

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Cambridge has begun implementing 20mph speed limits in residential areas, and some major roads or areas are coming up for approval soon, particularly Victoria Road (for those who don’t know Cambridge, a rather narrow, relatively busy road, currently at 30mph).

Following what seems to be a national strategy, the local bits of the national bus company Stagecoach, being the type of company they are, use this as an excuse to cut services or raise fares where it’s implemented, and raise the threat of cuts where it is considered. That’s fine for their commercial arguments, but what about the public’s interests?

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posted: 05 Jul 2014