UKGovCamp 2013

It was suggested on twitter (by someone, I forget who) that govcamp may be past its prime. However, I’m not sure that’s true; not because the past goals still need to be achieved, but because it may now be needed more than ever because they have.

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posted: 09 Dec 2012

Thoughts on a Geek Manifesto.

“If you ask for what you want, you might just get it”, but not quite how you expect.

Geek Manifesto is a detailed summary of the “awakening of the geeks” over the last few years. Covering libel, Science is Vital, going from the #Quacklash to the Nutt Case (congrats to SiV for the most positive name in the book), Mark gives a great recent history tour of science policy and politics.

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posted: 17 May 2012 – 2012 changes?

After finishing some server changes late one summer night in 2006, I checked that TheGovernmentSays was still working before heading to bed late. In the few minutes before, there had been a couple of signups for email alerts, for news around airlines and liquids, from email addresses. It was unusual, but clearly working, so I went to bed.

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posted: 01 Apr 2012


One of the things about Facebook and Twitter, is that people can say something that “others” think stupid, and the horse has almost immediately bolted. Previously, your mates would laugh and forget about it, and no one else would know, unless you were “important” enough for anyone else to care.

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posted: 08 Mar 2012

Which bits of Local Government care least about their website?

The SOCITM studies usually cited are a cherry picking of those who care about the answers because they look good, based on the selective users who do reply.

But we know something else about Local Government websites: they’re supposed to do things, not talk about things, and so we can look at service not fluff. Local DirectGov is a database of services, and is supposed to be right…

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posted: 29 Feb 2012

Cabinet Office’s proposed Open Data User Group

“When the words “intelligent customer on behalf of Government” are used in relation to “Open Data”, and the Shareholder Executive, and tightly closed discussions, and when various large stakeholders in the open data ecosystem are ignored, what can possibly go wrong:

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posted: 20 Feb 2012

NHS Bill – where are the good, hip infographic flowcharts?

Is there anywhere, a webpage with a table/infographic/flowchart on it, which says “if X happens” (you break your leg, get cancer, get hit by bus), currently, Y happens to you in the NHS; but under the Government “reform” proposals, they say A will happen, but we think B, C and D will also happen. There’s a lot of discussion that B, C, D are bad, but I’ve not seen a clear connection to what happens when I walk into a hospital having done something stupid.

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posted: 04 Feb 2012

RIP DirectionlessGov

RIP 21-dec-2004 – 31-Jan-2012.


posted: 31 Jan 2012

reflections on #ukgc12

Some reflections on Friday’s UKGC12

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posted: 23 Jan 2012

Turing’s Descendants

Ben hammersley nails it, as he so often does:
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posted: 14 Jan 2012