Who Writes To Them?

The 2006 WriteToThem.com (WTT) statistics are up (here) including a small look at who is using WTT based on the deprivation of where they live. It set out to answer one very specific question – “do deprived areas use WriteToThem less than average?”. It doesn’t answer, and doesn’t seek to answer, other questions. It doesn’t tell you much about who they are, and tells you nothing about the topics on which they write.

Contrary to naive expectations, users of WTT are not “rich people who have access to the internet” – they’re pretty much representative of everyone.

posted: 11 Jun 2007

Power of Information

A commentable version of Tom Steinberg’s “Power of Information” review is now up for your comments on on CommentOnThis.com

posted: 06 Jun 2007