Heattheme maps enhancements

I’ve added the ability to compare a second URL in the heatheme service, so if you want to compare some text or a page with another page, then you can.

have fun.

posted: 15 Jun 2007

How many people do you think it takes?

Someone asked on the mySociety developers’ list about a way to show “how small groups of motivated people can often put the efforts of large (and probably well-meaning) organisations to shame”.

One answer to that is “how many people do you think it takes?” The core of PublicWhip was 2 people, TWFY was a core of 4, FYMP was about 5 people (if that many), mySociety is still only 5 people at the core. UNDemocracy is a core of just Julian. Directionlessgov was… erm… never mind, but is now looked after by just me. theWhitehouseSays.com was 1 person. Planning Alerts was one person.

Without necessarily resorting to Margaret Mead, how would you show it?

posted: 15 Jun 2007