Merry Christmas

Some of the people behind mySociety have traditionally produced a “Christmas present for the world” – Directionless, hassle me.

There are many large documents published (Iraq Study Group, Dodgy Dossier, POWER Inquiry, Gowers Review) which would benefit from people being able to comment on particular paragraphs, rather than the document as a whole.

The Comment on POWER site took more work to create than is worthwhile for most documents; and it should be easier than that. So I built comment on this and populated it with the Iraq Study Group report as a proof of concept. The voodoo behind the scenes should make this easier for other stuff

Let’s see what happens…

posted: 27 Dec 2006


If you read this blog, you need to watch this 15min presentation about gapminder and data.

Talking to William a few weeks ago, he asked why I do what I do.

Not really having a good response, I blathered a bit, talking about basing decisions and processes on data not spin/ideology, and various other things which made some bit of sense, but didn’t really hang together as a whole.

Hopefully, at some point, there will be a better answer, but for now, watch the presentation, as some of the reasons are shared; including the chimpanzees.

posted: 15 Dec 2006