NHS Bill – where are the good, hip infographic flowcharts?

Is there anywhere, a webpage with a table/infographic/flowchart on it, which says “if X happens” (you break your leg, get cancer, get hit by bus), currently, Y happens to you in the NHS; but under the Government “reform” proposals, they say A will happen, but we think B, C and D will also happen. There’s a lot of discussion that B, C, D are bad, but I’ve not seen a clear connection to what happens when I walk into a hospital having done something stupid.

I get that the reforms seem like a bad idea; lots of highly informed people I respect say so, but that doesn’t really help me understand why. I appreciate it’s not as simple as that, but there will hopefully be a simple-ish way to explain.

Ideally, something I can forward to friends who don’t give a crap about politics (I don’t have many of them, but think of it as something that your siblings might forward to their friends)..


Feb 2012
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