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This year’s BBC Reith Lectures were from Jeffrey Sachs talking about international poverty, growth and, in his final lecture, talked about international politics and its effects.

He considers whether a global network of Parliaments, connected by video conferencing and modern communications, could work together to solve current problems, and maybe, would those links have helped prevent the invasion of Iraq? When you have connections to the rest of the world, it’s harder to act against the greater interest. When you look only to yourselves, it’s far easier. Due to the nature of parliaments, what matters there is votes, not what people say. Whereas in the Executives, it’s far more what you say than how you vote (as in the US and at the UN, the executive can’t).

As a quick win following Sach’s line of thinking, I’ve added links on the SpinDifferent results page to votes in the US Congress (via govtrack) and UK Parliament (via PublicWhip) for that topic. When UNDemocracy has vote search for the Security Council and General Assembly, I’ll add that too…

Jul 2007
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